Color Properties


Color Magick:

Color Magick is very easy and effective. No matter what spell you work or ritual you perform you will want to have a candle that represents your intent. If you are working a spell for love you will want to use a red or pink  candle…for money, a green or gold candle.

Colored candles are great for simple candle spells. Choose a colored candle based on your spell’s intent. Carve a few words or symbols into the wax. When possible let your candle burn all the way down. NEVER Blow out your candles. If you must put them out use a candle snuffer. If you are pressed for time, chime candles are great.

Fire element, energy, action, confidence, courage, change, passion, strength sexuality, love, power, vigor, enthusiasm, and health 

Friendship, love, sisterhood, emotions, compassion, harmony, relaxation

Sun, God, strength, healing, purification, optimism, motivation, luck, vitality, energy, legal matters

Air element, divination, Sun, God, clairvoyance, mental awareness, alertness, intellectual growth, prosperity, changes, harmony, confidence, communication, safety during travel

Earth element, grounding, organization, stability, animal protection and health, home and hearth, steadiness

Earth element, nature connection, herb magick, plant magick, luck, fertility, growth, prosperity, financial security, courage, positive attitude 

Water element, health, awareness, intuition, anxiety, relaxation, emotions, understanding, safety, tranquility, depression, dreams, truth, protection 

Spirit element, third eye, employment, power, intuition, healing, ambition, intelligence, communication, protection, meditation, wisdom, business ventures

Wards of negativity, banishing, curses and hexes, protection, strength, courage, death, sickness, removing pests, the elderly, crone magick, removing curses and hexes, night rituals, the Universe

Astral travel, hesitation, neutrality, visions, meditations, relaxation

God and Goddess, substitute color, meditation, purity, peace, clarity, cleansing, starting over, sincerity, justice, warding off fear, anxiety

The Goddess, lunar magick, meditation, psychic development, intuition, success, peace relaxation

Sun, The God, solar energy, physical strength, courage, motivation, financial security, good luck, mental growth, healing, intuition, divination, fortune, achievement