Crystal Grids

Uses and Practices:

Crystal grids are crystals arranged into geometric shapes creating a particular energy field based on your intention for manifesting. Since each crystal has its own vibratory frequency it is important that you choose crystals that have the same basic crystal system (ex. Stones with silicon dioxide structures). Grids can be a simple or elaborate as you would like them to be. Grids can be used for just about anything, the possibilities are endless. Be sure to cleanse, charge and dedicate.

The steps to constructing a crystal grid are as follows:

Set your intention: You must be very precise when setting your intention and sending it out to the universe. If your intention is scattered and unclear you will get very general results. Even once you have a specific goal in mind you have to refine it so it is extremely clear. Here are some basic ideas:

  • Love
  • Prosperity/Abundance
  • Healing
  • Career
  • Protection
  • Peace

Select a place to set up your grid: You want to place your grid in a place where it will not be disrupted. After you have decided on where to place the grid you can create a sacred space by clearing the negativity. You can do this by either burning sage, using a sage cleansing spray or ringing a bell, just to name a few. 

Decide on your grid formation: There are many ways to set up your grid. Setting up your grids based on sacred geometry, I feel, aligns the energy frequency being sent out to the universe.

Select your stones (Be sure to cleanse, charge and dedicate)


Grid components: 

  • Center stone
  • Surrounding stones
  • Activation wand

Activate your grid with an affirmation:

Using your activation wand, connect all your stones of the grid starting surrounding stones (working clockwise) by pointing your wand above the stones and moving the wand from stone to stone while stating your affirmation(a clearly stated summary of what you want to manifest) until all the stone are connected.