Dedicating a Crystal

Methods for Dedicating/Programming Crystals

Crystals can be dedicated directly following the cleansing process. When you dedicate your crystal you are merely setting your intention. The process is simple but very effective. Sit quietly holding the crystal and visualize bright white light surrounding it. You can focus your thought that this crystal will be used for the highest good of all, it will be correct in light and love.

Once your crystal is dedicated, the next step would be programming or just store it away until you are ready to use it.

Programming a Crystal:

Programming a crystal attunes its energies to your frequency and wishes. There are many reasons that you may want to program your crystal, for love, prosperity, protection, career, healing, the list is endless. First you need to select a crystal that resonates with your purpose. You can choose your stone by holding it and feeling the energy that it emits. There are, also, many books available to help you make a selection. 

You need to clearly state your intention, make sure your wording is well thought out to accurately direct the energy. When your intention is clearly created, sit quietly and attune to its energy. When you feel calm and connected to your stone clearly state your intention (I like to repeat my intention 3 times, you can do whatever resonates with you).

When you feel that the crystal is completely programmed you can use it for its intended purpose.